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Yay for days off

So vanessa's working my 4-8 shift right now which means that I have the day off! WOOT WOOT for that. And since vanessa's working for me, that obviously means that she's back from Texas!! YAY!!!!! I'm so happy, the whole not being able to talk because of gay roaming and not being able to have fun with her was so not working for me. I dont know what the heck i'm gonna do when i move away and jen and ness are forever doing things without me. OH THE HORROR. But, whataya gonna do? Jen is going to frisco tomorrow, i'm sad. She better buy me something cool because she loves me. haha. I will have to write down everything i need to tell her as the days go by since she doesnt have text messaging, LOSER. Jk. Well I guess thats it. Peace out A-town. do do do do, do do do do.
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