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Awesome Summer

So my awesome summer is off to a great start. Tuesday was the Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts and Uncle Kracker concert. It rocked so hard!!! Kenny Chesney is my babydaddy, Rascal Flatts was awesome and Uncle Kracker was great too! At the end they all came out and sang John Cougar's "jack and diane" and it was the coolest thing ever in life. EVER. Good bonding time had for me and mija. And then today i went to lunch with this guy from work and he told me i was gorgeous...WOOT. He has a gf though, so boo for that. OH and this morning i woke up at the butt crack of dawn (9:30 hehe) and got me and Vanessa tickets to go see TIM McGRAW!!! WOOOOT! And we got really good seats too so I'm way excited about that, that is Aug. 4th. And HOPEFULLY will be partying it up at Whit's house this weekend, then next weekend is Jen's birthday extravaganza, Saturday is gonna be awesome, my parents are going out of town that weekend too, so yayness all around. And Jen came back from san francisco so I'm very excited about that. Cant wait for my shot glass that she didnt really buy me. haha. I think thats it for now! Peace out A town!
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