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Getting closer

Well in about an hour and a half i will be leaving b-town in 24 days. I dont know where the time went, but I am very excited. And in just this week i got a call from the hollywood video AND the bmw/porshe dealership up there in monterey. How awesome is that? I really want the bmw job. It would just be easier because its for the same position i work now at Merecedes so i'm sure its not much different. Hmm what else? My going away party will be on the 7th i'm pretty sure...thats in two weeks. Everything is just happening all kinds of fast. I got my roomates name and number in the mail two days ago...i'm scurred to call her though. She's from Sacramento. I hope she is cool. My last day at work will be the 12th, sad times. But me and ness are going to see tim mcgraw on the 4th so i'm way excited about that. I guess thats about it. This next month is gonna be crazy.
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