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This how i waste my last half-hour at work

Last Cigarette: June 26th, only two puffs!!
Last Alcoholic Drink: July 13th
Last Car Ride: 3:45, coming home from lunch w/ jen and the bank run
Last Good Cry: Last week I think
Last Library Book: Angela's Ashes
Last book bought: Summer sisters?
Last Book Read: The Notebook....SO GOOD!!!!
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: The Notebook....SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last Movie Rented: The Human Stain...didnt even finish it
Last Cuss Word Uttered: Probably "the B- Word"...stupid Maggie
Last Beverage Drank: Iced Tea
Last Food Consumed: Hamburger and Fries from B2
Last Phone Call: Some random customer...i'm at work
Last TV Show Watched: Road Rules last night
Last Time Showered: Last night
Last Shoes Worn: My feet hurt that reminds me.
Last CD Played: Tim McGraw's greatest hits....concert on the 4th CANT WAIT
Last Item Bought: My lunch
Last Download: I havent downloaded anything in a long time
Last Annoyance: MAGGIE...aka DEVIL WOMAN
Last Disappointment: Vanessa not replying to my message. haha.
Last Soda Drank: Earlier today, Jack in the Crack sodas are bomb
Last Thing Written: Some mumbo jumbo on and invoice here at work
Last Key Used: House key
Last Words Spoken: Susan park 71 please, Susan park 71
Last Sleep: This morning...woke up at was horrible
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Sunday, woot woot
Last Chair Sat In: This computer chair, i dont type standing up this is a stupid ?
Last Webpage Visited: This one...obviously
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