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GOOD-BYE 110 degree weather!!!!!

So I'm leaving on thursday, woot woot!!! I'm so excited. Sucks that i have to leave everybody, but it will be ok. I'm more excited than I am scared, but come thursday morning it might be a whole different story. Going to lunch with Tab tonight, Judy and Michelle tomorrow and Salinas, ness and linda i think on wednesday. Plus dinner with ness and jen tuesday and wednesday, haha. so much food i will be eating. But its cool, it will be worth it. Saturday was the last hurrah, not really, but the last saturday. It was nice and wholesome. Went shopping for the rest of my stuff yesterday with my mom. So I'm pretty much good to go. I have an interview at BMW on friday at 2, so everyone cross their fingers for me and hope that I get it. Its the same positions I worked at Mercedes so i should be qualified. Hmmm what else. Well I guess thats currently all thats been in my mind for the last couple of weeks so i cant think of anything else to say. Next time I update I will be livin' it up in Monterey bay! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!
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