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Well I'm here and all settled in. My roomate is great and she's been really cool about showing me around and hanging out with me. I've been kinda bored since i got home from shopping, but she should be back soon from work. I got the job at BMW! Yay for me. I start training 8:30. Ew. But whatever. I'll be working 1-7:30 on monday wednesday and friday and then every other weekend. I'm excited! That means i get to sleep in on my days off of school. Good times. The weather is great here...its 70 degrees right now. Such a nice break from the 100+ heat of Bakersfield...but I guess its not a break its my life now. That freaks me out I dont wanna talk about it. Jen and Ness and my parents all came and dropped me off, i'm really glad they did, it made it a little easier. Hopefully I will make it home for the fair, i cant miss that!! Time to shop for fair outfits! haha. I'm beat, its been a long couple of days so I'm gonna go chill. I love you everyone!
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