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College Life, gotta love it

So I'm way tired today...the girls across the hall decided to have an extremely LOUD conversation with some other people right in the hallway in front of our door at 1am, coupled with the 3 people on skateboards right outside our window, i didnt get to sleep till almost 2. Welcome to dorm life jessica. We have a hallway full of alki's. Gotta love it. Everythings going good though, my job at BMW is pretty tight, its pretty much the same kinda thing as mercedes, same computer system, same filing to do, same everything pretty much, just different people and a different schedule. I'm off saturday and sunday so i'm excited. My classes are going good, i've made a few friends and stuff so thats cool. I'm going to dinner and then to a sorority party thing tonight with this girl Brittney i met in my tech tools class, she's pretty cool. She's ghetto like me. haha. from the hood. jk. I miss everyone a lot though, but i dont really wanna get into that. Jen's coming to see me tomorrow night, so i'm way excited, and then saturday night i'm driving to pismo to camp with the family for a night. I miss my mommy. Hmm what else. My roomate is awesome and we get along really well and everything, so i'm excited about that. She works at the bookstore so she's been hookin me up...who got a free math book? oh that would be me. As i type this i look out the window into the quad and there is a girl and guy straight sun tanning in their bathing suits, haha, i love it. Its like 68 degrees out there, but whatever. I guess thats it for now, hasta!
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