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Work sucks

So tonight is whit-dawg's birthday, festivities will take place at...well thats a secret. But it will be fun is all i'm sayin. haha. I got my hair cut today, yay for no more fried ends! I heart cute hair. Lets see, what else? OH i'm leaving in a mere 36 days! CRAZINESS. Me and my madre are going dorm room shopping tomorrow and it will be the best experience of my entire life. Especially because she's paying for everything! And then me and her are going to santa monica on sunday to going shopping for new clothes! WOO HOO, i love free stuff. Went to Jen-doggie-dizzles house last night to watch I love the 90s with her and vanessa, much fun was had. I love the 90s. No, i really do, i wasnt just re-typing the title again. i'm SO BORED! Oh the horror that is sangera automotive group. LLAMMME! Ok well I'm off to online apply for some more J-O-Bs, late!
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